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Objects can include indexes, stored procedures, triggers, and so forth. • Reads/Writes—These columns show the number of read or write operations, respectively, that SQL Server had to perform to complete the action that generated the event. 8 shows an often ignored and very useful part of traces—filters. As shown, you can filter the events captured by SQL Profiler based on whatever criteria you want. This feature allows you to have SQL Profiler automatically ignore events that don’t pertain to the problem you’re trying to troubleshoot.

You can also monitor a special _Total instance, which aggregates all other instances into a single set of server-wide statistics. • SQLServer:General Statistics—This object includes three counters for miscellaneous statistics, including logons per second, logouts per second, and number of active user connections. • SQLServer:Latches—This object includes three counters that provide access to SQL Server latch requests, including average latch wait time, latch waits, and total latch wait time. Latches are used to synchronize objects for a very short period of time.

SQL Profiler comes with several different trace templates that you can use to get started. Whenever you start a new trace—whether it’s blank or based upon a trace template—you can modify the data captured by a trace. You can select the events to capture, the data columns to capture, and define capture filters. You’ll also decide at this point whether your capture will save its data into a file or to a SQL Server database. SQL Profiler saves the data as it’s captured, so you’ll need to make sure that the file (or database) has plenty of room to save the data you’ll be capturing.

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