Cornelia Fischer-Börold, Siglind Zettl's Schmerz: Chronische Schmerzen - Individuelle PDF

By Cornelia Fischer-Börold, Siglind Zettl

ISBN-10: 3899935217

ISBN-13: 9783899935219

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In this context the salivary gland seems to be one major site of CMV harbourage [36–38], and it could be presumed to be one predominant portal for virus entry. 2 The host 21 entry process, the virus binding to one or more cellular receptors. This binding is supposed to support multiple receptor–ligand interactions between viral envelope glycoproteins and cellular surface receptors, thus activating the inflammatory cytokine response through outright sensing by TLR2 irrespective of events needed for a productive infection [35].

In parallel to the increase in fetal IgG levels maternal levels of IgG and IgA decrease throughout pregnancy to a level of 60–70 % of the initial concentration in early pregnancy [89]. From the IgG subclasses IgG1 is the predominant immunoglobulin in the fetal circulation, followed by IgG4 and IgG3. IgG2 has a slow linear rise throughout pregnancy, but fetal IgG2 levels remain significantly below maternal concentrations [89]. 2 The host 33 In contrast to normal pregnancies, where mainly IgG passes through the placental barrier (to a lower extent IgA is transported, and there is no transport of IgM), in moderate inflammation transport of IgG and IgA, and to a lesser degree IgM, increases.

The host fights back through cross-priming and cross-presentation (see above), thus overcoming the inhibitory actions of the CMV molecules [44, 47, 48]. Following primary infection large expansion of polyclonal, activated and directly cytotoxic T cells are generated. Within a few weeks, the viral DNA load has been decreased and many clones of responding T cells have contracted in size and disappeared. An oligoclonal population of cells is selected into memory. This clonal focusing occurs with the loss of lower avidity T cells.

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