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Qxd 16 9/12/06 11:46 AM Page 16 CHAPTER 1 ■ INTRODUCTION: DISTRIBUTED DATA Database Engine Tuning Advisor The Index Tuning Wizard in SQL Server 2000 has been replaced with the Database Engine Tuning Advisor. It helps you to optimize the performance of the databases by recommending the optimal set of indexes and types of physical design structures. You can also use this wizard to optimize SQL Server 2000 databases. The Database Engine Tuning Advisor is shown in Figure 1-14. Figure 1-14. Database Engine Tuning Advisor This advisor is also integrated with the SSMS.

Figure 1-10. Lazy replication With this type of replication, it is possible for two different sites to update the same data on the same destination site. This will lead to a conflict in the updating of the data. Such update conflicts need to be resolved in lazy replication, and this is done by associating timestamps with each of the transaction objects. Each object carries the timestamp associated with the previous update of that data. So when a transaction is sent to the destination site, it first checks to see whether the timestamp associated with the local copy of the replicated data matches the incoming transaction’s old timestamp for that data.

Like the Distribution Agent, the Merge Agent runs on the Distributor server in push subscriptions, and on the Subscriber server in the case of pull subscriptions. ■Note Merge replication is discussed in Chapters 11 through 14. exe. In transactional replication, there is an option to either immediately update the messages or store them in a queue, using either the SQL Server queue or the Microsoft Messaging queue. If the updated messages need to be sent immediately, there needs to be a constant connection between the Publisher and the Subscriber servers.

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