Polymeric Drugs and Drug Administration by Raphael M. Ottenbrite PDF

By Raphael M. Ottenbrite

ISBN-10: 0841214093

ISBN-13: 9780841214095

ISBN-10: 0841227446

ISBN-13: 9780841227446

content material: Polymer structures for biomedical purposes : an summary / Raphael M. Ottenbrite and Natalya Fadeeva --
Bioelastic fabrics and the [delta]Tt-mechanism in drug supply / Dan W. Urry, D. Channe Gowda, Cynthia M. Harris, and R. Dean Harris --
Sequence-selective binding of DNA by way of oligopeptides as a unique method of drug layout / Moses Lee and Clint Walker --
Protein gadget for glucose-sensitive unlock of insulin / Y. Ito and Y. Imanishi --
instruction and characterization of enzyme-digestible hydrogels from typical polymers by way of gamma irradiation / Kalpana R. Kamath and Kinam Park --
Pharmacokinetics and toxicity of a p-boronophenylalanine-cyclodextrin formula added via intravenous infusion to canine / T.R. LaHann, W.F. Bauer, P. Gavin, and D.R. Lu --
Electrorelease of gear from composite polymer motion pictures / Maria Hepel and Zbigniew Fijalek --
Pulsatile drug free up by means of electrical stimulus / You Han Bae, Ick Chan Kwon, and Sung Wan Kim --
Poly(ethylene oxide)-based supply structures : impact of polymer molecular weight and gel viscoelastic habit on drug liberate mechanism / A. Apicella, B. Cappello, M.A. Del Nobile, M.I. l. a. Rotonda, G. Mensitieri, L. Nicolais, and S. Seccia --
improvement of micelle-forming polymeric drug with improved anticancer job / M. Yokoyama, G.S. Kwon, T. Okano, Y. Sakurai, and okay. Kataoka --
Optimization of poly(maleic acid-alt-2-cyclohexyl-1,3-dioxepin-5-ene) for anti-human immunodeficiency virus task / Jian Ling Ding and Raphael M. Ottenbrite --
Enhancement of mobile membrane affinity and organic task of polyanionic polymers / Yasuo Suda, Shoichi Kusumoto, Naoto Oku, and Raphael M. Ottenbrite --
Accumulation of poly(vinyl alcohol) at inflammatory web site / Tetsuji Yamaoka, Yasuhiko Tabata, and Yoshito Ikada --
layout of recent development blocks in resorbable polymers : software in drug supply microspheres / Ann-Christine Albertsson, Anders Löfgren, Cecilia Sturesson, and Maria Sjöling --
Chain constitution and hydrolysis of nonalternating polyester amides / Kenneth E. Gonsalves and Xiaomao Chen --
Polymeric site-directed supply of misoprostol to the tummy / P.W. Collins, S.J. Tremont, W.E. Perkins, R.L. Fenton, M.P. McGrath, G.M. Wagner, A.F. Gasiecki, R.G. Bianchi, J.J. Casler, C.M. Ponte, J.C. Stolzenbach, P.H. Jones, and D. Forster --
Use of [alpha]-1,4-polygalactosamine as a provider of macromolecular prodrug of 5-fluorouracil / Tatsuro Ouchi, Keigo Inosaka, and Yuichi Ohya --
Poly(methacrylic acid) hydrogels for rumen skip and the supply of oral vaccines to ruminants / T.L. Bowersock, W.S.W. Shalaby, W.E. Blevins, M. Levy, and Kinam Park --
Polymer-solvent interactions studied with computational chemistry / Samuel J. Lee and Kinam Park.

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5 days, then the monolith could deliver an average dose as high as one Mmole/day for a period of 300 days. Acknowledgments. This work was supported in part by contracts N-00014-90-C-0265 from the Naval Medical Research and Development Command, Office of Naval Research; N-00014-89-J-1970 from the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research; and I-R43HL49705-01 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health. The authors are pleased to acknowledge Richard Knight of the Auburn University Nuclear Science Center for carrying out the gamma-irradiation cross-linking.

The decrease in p H results in conformational modifications in the graft polymer chain which, in turn, alters the size of the membrane pores (3,4). The redox sensitive system is a composite membrane on which insulin is immobilized via a disulfide linkage. When glucose is oxidized by glucose dehydrogenase ( G D H ) in solution, the disulfide bonds are cleaved and the insulin is released (5,6). Since G D H has no redox site, the coupling with F A D and N A D enhances the sensitivity. In this paper a protein device was developed, in which G O D was directly coupled with insulin through a disulfide bond.

The activity of the insulin released was about 80% of that for the native insulin. The H P L C pattern of the released insulin indicates no reduction cleavage of the disulfide bond in the insulin molecule. Discussion We have synthesized a prototype protein device which quickly releases insulin in response to glucose. However, the practical application of the device requires the 4. ch004 C 1 \ D 0 I 1 1 5 10 15 Retention time (min) Figure 3. H P L C pattern of proteins. A - insulin; Β - glucose oxidase; C - protein device; D -released insulin.

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