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He marks the entry point with a Phoenix Beacon. 9. The platoon leader moves into the building with the trail fire team of the squad that secured a foothold and directs the squad leader to clear the next room with the trail fire team. 10. The platoon leader calls for the next squad to move into the building and begin clearing rooms systematically. Center for Army Lessons Learned 11. The platoon leader directs the actions of the squad clearing the building: a. Determines which room to clear and in what order.

When mounted on the helmet, the device makes the front of the helmet heavier, (much like a MILES harness weights down the back of the helmet). Neither the helmet harness nor the compass are Basic Issue Items, but can be ordered through the supply system. Center for Army Lessons Learned e. AN/TAS-5 DRAGON NIGHT SIGHT. (1) Capabilities. The AN/TAS-5 is used as a night vision sight on the M47 Dragon. The night tracker senses heat from the target, and changes it into a picture that is displayed in the sight reticle.

The viewer takes up the whole rucksack upon deployment to the field; leaders need to ensure a good cross-load plan of equipment, batteries and coolant bottles. A mount, a dragon missile, tripod, or some type of expedient method must be used for sustained observation, as the device is too heavy to be held by hand for more than a few minutes. f. AN/PAS-7A THERMAL VIEWER. (1) Capabilities. The Viewer Infrared AN/PAS-7A provides a means of night-time observation by using only the ir radiation emitted by the object observed.

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Own the night! : small unit night fighter manual (SuDoc D 101.22 25:96-3) by U.S. Dept of Defense

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