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Validation Services for XML Data A great feature of the XML support in DB2 9 is the validation services and the associated schema flexibility they offer. All XML documents stored in DB2 must be well-formed (as per the W3C XML standard) but can be optionally validated using XML Schema Definition documents (XML Schema) on a document-by-document basis. Note It's important to note that the requirements for an XML document to be well-formed doesn't preclude DB2 9 from storing XML fragments as opposed to an entire XML document.

For example, one vendor didn't allow for the indexing of repeating elements in an XML document. Well, it's difficult to find XML documents today that don't have repeating elements (think about how many e-mail addresses or phone numbers you have for the same people in your address book). XML is a hierarchal data model, and hierarchies have 1: n relationship, so this restriction kind of goes against the purpose of XML. For this vendor, the LOB storage model was the only option provided that allowed you the flexibility of storing a schema-less document or having multiple schemas.

When you view the execution plans for XML, you'll find they contain operations that are the same for SQL but identified for their XML nodes-for example, XSCAN versus a SCAN, an XISCAN instead of an ISCAN. An example of this hybrid query service is shown in Figure 3-6. Figure 3-6: DB2 9 query services are capable of supporting both SQL and XQuery statements You can see in Figure 3-6 that no matter what interface you use, you can access any of the storage services used by DB2 9. This means that an XML developer who cares nothing about the relational model will see only an XML persistence engine-and the same goes for relational data and SQL.

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Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters Installation and Configuration (Part No A89868-02) (Release 9 0 1) (2001) by Bauer M.

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