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By Parmaliana A., Sanfilippo D., Frusteri F.

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On January 1988, the ascertained and economically available reserves of common fuel (NG) amounted to over 144,000 billion cubic meters around the globe, comparable to 124 billion a whole bunch oil equivalents (comparable with the liquid oil reserves, that are predicted to be 138 billion TOE). it's hypothesized that the quantity of NG reserve will keep growing on the similar expense of the decade. Forecasts on creation point out a possible raise from approximately 2,000 billion cubic meters in 1990 not to greater than 3,300 billion cubic meters in 2010, even in a excessive fiscal improvement situation. NG intake represents just one half oil: 1.9 billion TOE/y in comparison to 3.5 of oil. for this reason, sooner or later fuel will exceed oil as a carbon atom resource. sooner or later the opportunity of getting lively vectors or petrochemicals from NG will proceed to grow.The issues lined in typical gasoline Conversion V mirror the massive worldwide R&D attempt to seem for brand new and financial methods of NG exploitation. those diversity from the direct conversion of methane and light-weight paraffins to the oblique conversion via synthesis gasoline to fuels and chemical substances. relatively underlined and visual are the applied sciences already commercially viable.These court cases turn out that mature and technologically possible procedures for usual fuel conversion are already on hand and that new and superior catalytic ways are at present constructing, the validity and feasibility of with a view to quickly be documented. this is often a thrilling zone of contemporary catalysis, with the intention to definitely open novel and profitable views for the chemical, power and petrochemical industries.

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Most of the studies have been reviewed in [18]. More recently Kuch et al. [19,20] have studied the influence of preadsorbed potassium on the adsorption of water molecules on Ni(111). The simple electrostatic model cannot explain all the results obtained for the different metals. Some of the results depend sensitively on the metal in question. Thus it has been concluded that the H20 molecule on Li and Na precovered Ru(001) is adsorbed with the oxygen atom pointing towards the surface, while for K precovered Pt(111) it was found that the molecular H-O-H plane was tilted 160 ~ with the hydrogen atoms pointing towards the surface.

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