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By Raul Menendez

ISBN-10: 1890774146

ISBN-13: 9781890774141

Part 1: The IBM mainframe environmentLearn how the and procedure software program of an IBM mainframe interact, and notice how OS/390 and z/OS construct on previous working platforms. in case you are new to mainframes, this can be needs to reading.Section 2: JCL essentialsLearn the way to code the JCL that you're going to use each day to run courses that method disk, tape, and print files.Section three: different JCL skillsTime-saving positive aspects that you're going to use usually, together with mistakes dealing with options, new release info teams, and SMS (the garage administration Subsystem).Section four: VSAM facts managementSee how effortless it's to code JCL for jobs that use VSAM documents. Then, easy methods to use the AMS software to create and deal with VSAM files.Section five: method instruments for programmersLearn tips to use work-saving instruments for software improvement. Like compilation systems. Utilities for sorting and copying records. CLIST and REXX for strategy development. And UNIX procedure prone.

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