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By Steven D. Fleming, Robert S. King

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ISBN-10: 0521648475

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This consultant to micromanipulation concepts, for assisted belief in a medical surroundings, contains designated descriptions of all universal micromanipulation platforms presently in use in IVF laboratories. In explaining the right way to optimize their winning use, the quantity covers cutting-edge innovations together with ICSI, and approaches comparable to assisted hatching and the blastomere biopsy (for PGD). necessary info on troubleshooting mechanical and technical problems is equipped to assist execs starting from technicians to advisor obstetricians grasp the ideas.

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Three-quarters of the world’s ICSI centres were using Narishige-type micromanipulators. Around 1994, an Olympus version of the Narishige upright joystick was conceived after a joint meeting of the two companies. 1). It seemed to receive a somewhat cool reception from some users, however, due mainly to the inaccessible z-axis control, and it was discontinued in the autumn of 1997. Throughout this time, Narishige continued to sell its own system directly to end users as well as through its dealer network.

Users who had bought an MO-188 from Nikon, and who then went on to buy an MMO-202D from Narishige as a second system, found themselves having to relearn tricky techniques, such as sperm immobilization and capture. They would instinctively twist the MMO-202D’s joystick clockwise to bring the pipette down on the tail of the sperm, and it would instead rise. Some users returned their instruments to Narishige, asking for modifications to be made. Narishige was able to do this, and as a result of so many comments revised the MMO-202D to incorporate a z-axis that went the same way as that of the MO-188.

Monopronucleate or tripronucleate zygotes result), or degenerate following injection. Yet another patient subgroup appears to produce fragile oocytes, their oocytes appearing normal in appearance but usually degenerating following injection. Ironically, such oocytes are usually easy to inject as a result of their poor membrane integrity, but this is often an ominous indication for a poor prognosis. Therefore, it may be prudent to employ IVF in patients presenting with this fragile oocyte syndrome, even if the fertilization rates prove to be low, rather than subject them to ICSI with resultant degeneration of all the oocytes.

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