Medstudy The 13th Edition Internal Medicine Core Curriculum by Hannahman, Mitchell, Cross PDF

By Hannahman, Mitchell, Cross

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In Act II of Swan Lake for example, it is possible for muscles to seize up and body temperature to cool when holding the standing positions for a long period of time when an immediate change of pace requiring explosive power and flexibility could potentially result in injury. Soloists and principals may get more recovery time in the wings between their solos and pas-de-deux, but this is not always the case. A ballet like Kenneth MacMillan’s ‘Manon’ requires the lead female role to perform almost throughout the entire performance.

Various natural changes occur in the body with age. Collagen, the basic biochemical building block of the body, which exists in many forms according to its exact location and purpose, stiffens with age through the mechanism of forming chemical crosslinks called disulphide bridges that reduce the capacity of the filaments to slide one upon another. So the flexibility and therefore the versatility of the larynx is reduced. Cartilage, which in combination with synovial fluid, creates a bearing with a coefficient of friction less than ice on ice at articulating joints becomes worn with age, less smooth and later even fissured, partly through “wear and tear” but also because of biochemical changes inherent in ageing.

Finding accommodation may be an added stress and living conditions may not be ideal, with dancers often sharing rooms because of financial pressure. With such a change in routine, dancers may struggle to ‘switch off’ or at least get some proper down-time alone to recuperate. New environments with different cultures and languages may also cause problems, especially when it comes to buying food and other essentials. Dancers, like athletes, have a finely tuned diet that provides all the energy and nutrients they need to perform and maintain their physiques.

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Medstudy The 13th Edition Internal Medicine Core Curriculum - Book 3 by Hannahman, Mitchell, Cross

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