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The current monograph on matrix partial orders, the 1st in this subject, makes a distinct presentation of many partial orders on matrices that experience involved mathematicians for his or her attractiveness and utilized scientists for his or her wide-ranging program power. apart from the Löwner order, the partial orders thought of are fairly new and got here into being within the past due Nineteen Seventies. After a close creation to generalized inverses and decompositions, the 3 simple partial orders specifically, the minus, the pointy and the superstar and the corresponding one-sided orders are provided utilizing a number of generalized inverses. The authors then provide a unified conception of these kind of partial orders in addition to learn the parallel sums and shorted matrices, the latter being studied at nice size. Partial orders of transformed matrices are a brand new addition. ultimately, functions are given in information and electric community conception.

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Let A be an n × n matrix such that ρ(A) = ρ(A2 ). Then 3 − 3 − A(A3 )− A is an A− ρχ where (A ) is any g-inverse of A . Further, Aρχ is unique. Matrix Decompositions and Generalized Inverses 27 Proof. 12, it follows that G = A(A3 )− A is a g-inverse of A such that C(G) ⊆ C(A) and C(Gt ) ⊆ C(At ). 12. Since ρ(A) = ρ(A2 ), C(A3 ) = C(A), C((A3 )t ) = C(At ). 11, G = A(A3 )− A is invariant under choices of g-inverses of A3 . Thus A− ρχ exists, is unique and is equal to A(A3 )− A. We shall now characterize the ρχ-inverse and the classes of all χ-inverses and all ρ-inverses using rank factorization.

Let A be an m × n matrix. then G is a minimum norm g-inverse of A if and only if it satisfies any one of the following equivalent conditions: (i) AGA = A, (GA) = GA (ii) GA = PA , the orthogonal projector onto C(A ) (iii) GAA = A . and Proof. 3, we saw that G is a minimum norm g-inverse of A if and only if AGA = A and (GA) (I−GA) = 0. However, (GA) (I − GA) = 0 ⇒ (GA) = (GA) GA = GA, since (GA) GA is hermitian. Conversely, if AGA = A and (GA) = GA, then (GA) (I − GA) = (GA) − (GA) (GA) = GA − (GA)(GA) = GA − GAGA = GA − GA = 0 .

33. Let A be an m × n matrix of rank r(> 0). Let (P, Q) be a rank factorization of A. Then A† = Q (QQ )−1 (P P)−1 P . We conclude this section by making a useful observation that, given an algorithm to compute a g-inverse of a matrix, we can compute various types of g-inverse of a given matrix using this algorithm. Reflexive g-inverse ρ-inverse χ-inverse Group inverse Least squares g-inverse Minimum norm g-inverse Moore-Penrose inverse : : : : : : : GAG, if G is a g-inverse of A A(A2 )− (A2 )− A A(A3 )− A (A A)− A A (AA )− A (A AA )− A In each of the above cases, we apply the algorithm for computing a g-inverse to a suitable matrix (for example to A AA in case of MoorePenrose inverse) and make adjustment to it, be it a pre- and/or postmultiplication by a suitable matrix to get the required type of g-inverse of the given matrix.

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