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By Arnold Sommerfeld

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Arnold Sommerfeld's Mathematical idea of Diffraction marks a milestone in optical concept, filled with insights which are nonetheless proper this day. In a beautiful journey de strength, Sommerfeld derives the 1st mathematically rigorous resolution of an optical diffraction challenge. certainly, his diffraction research is a shockingly wealthy and intricate mixture of natural and utilized arithmetic, and his often-cited diffraction resolution is gifted purely as an program of a way more common set of mathematical effects. The physique of Sommerfeld's paintings is dedicated to the systematic improvement of a mode for deriving ideas of the wave equation on Riemann surfaces, a desirable yet maybe underappreciated subject in mathematical physics.

This entire translation, reflecting sizeable scholarship, is the 1st ebook in English of Sommerfeld's unique paintings. The vast notes through the translators are wealthy in historic historical past and supply many technical info for the reader. an in depth account of the former diffraction analyses of Kirchhoff and Poincaré presents a context for the amazing originality and gear of Sommerfeld's ideas.

The availability of this translation is an enriching contribution to the neighborhood of mathematical and theoretical physicists.

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The disturbance does not extend to infinity, however. Here we have continued u = Uo and u = O. Furthermore, there is the following noteworthy relation between the functions u and Uo : e) The symmetric function Ul + U2 + . . + Un of the values of u "on the overlying points" of the pt, 2n d , . . nth sheets is exactly equal to uo. The overlying points are the following : T, ip; T, cp + 27r; . T, cp + 2(n - 1)7r. The symmetric function is therefore 1 • a da ( 6) Ul + U2 + .. + Un = - . eikr cos 0< Sin - { " 1

We deduce immediately from equation (8) the following properties of our function. U + k 2U = 0 due to its derivation from the complex function f. b) It is single-valued in the smooth plane. c) It is finite and continuous for all finite values of x and y. except at the pole x = z', y = y', where it becomes logarithmically infinite (cf. equation (8), page 340). Therefore we have indeed been able to keep the singularity in the finite region through the modification of our general procedure given in §3 section 2.

On the other hand, for projection from the North pole , there is, according to equations (I'), (7), and (9), the relation (15) for that point ZI of the complex plane that is transformed into the point r, cpo To a fixed and noninfinite value of ZI (for example, ZI = Z'), there thus corresponds by this projection a point whose distance from the origin m r = 2klZ l I also grows to infinity through the limit process. From consideration of the geometric relations this follows, moreover, immediately.

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