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By Andreas Keiling

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All magnetized planets in our sunlight process (Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) have interaction strongly with the sunlight wind and own good constructed magnetotails. it's not simply the strongly magnetized planets that experience magnetotails. Mars and Venus don't have any international intrinsic magnetic box, but they own prompted magnetotails. Comets have magnetotails which are shaped through the draping of the interplanetary magnetic box. on the subject of planetary  satellites (moons), the magnetotail refers back to the wake quarter at the back of the satellite tv for pc within the circulate of both the sunlight wind or the magnetosphere of its mum or dad planet. the biggest magnetotail of all in our sunlight  system  is  the  heliotail,  the  “magnetotail” of  the heliosphere. the diversity of sun wind stipulations, planetary rotation charges, ionospheric conductivity, and actual dimensions supply an exceptional chance to increase our knowing of the effect of those components on magnetotail strategies and structures.

 Volume highlights include:

  •  Discussion on why a magnetotail is a primary challenge of magnetospheric physics
  • Unique choice of tutorials on a wide range of magnetotails in our sunlight system
  • In-depth experiences evaluating magnetotail approaches at Earth with different magnetotail constructions stumbled on during the heliosphere

Collectively, Magnetotails within the sun System brings jointly for the 1st time in a single ebook a suite of tutorials and present advancements addressing sorts of magnetotails. consequently, this publication may still entice a large group of area scientists, and it may even be of curiosity to astronomers who're taking a look at tail-like buildings past our sun system.


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Bz is plotted, and growth-phase stretching is indicated by a decreasing Bz, while dipolarization is indicated by a sudden increase in Bz. (c) Updated current wedge derived from MHD simulations. The number of round trips from the specified location to the ionosphere and back is shown at bottom. The region where the pressure geopause is outside of the density geopause is indicative of the ionospheric plasma contributing significant amounts of hot plasma to the plasma sheet. The right two panels show the fluxes at 1500 km for H+ and O+.

The diagonal shapes are characteristic of fast planetward convective flow. The plasma flows as determined by the LEMMS and CHEMS ion anisotropy measurements are primarily in the azimuthal (corotation) direction, with only short intervals of strong planetward flow (especially between 0630 and 0640 UT). From this it can be readily seen that the energetic particle energization inside the interchange flux tubes is strongly pitch angle dependent. In the small images the segment of Titan’s orbit that passes through the bright emission has been enhanced for visibility.

1, with dotted lines added to show integration surfaces for discussion of stress balance. 2: cross section perpendicular to the magnetotail axis, located at a distance near the interface between the magnetotail and the dayside magnetosphere, where the magnetic field is still nearly aligned with the solar wind flow but is beginning to turn toward a dipolar configuration. The global magnetotail force is thus a net tension force; this is a direct result of two magnetotail properties, the stretched-out magnetic field configuration (what is universally called a “tail-like” field), and the extended lobes where plasma stresses are very small in relation to the magnetic field magnitude.

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