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Protecting easy actual recommendations, experimental equipment, and purposes, this publication is an critical textual content at the attention-grabbing technological know-how of magnetism, and a useful resource of functional reference info. obtainable, authoritative, and assuming undergraduate familiarity with quantum mechanics, electromagnetism and vectors, this textbook can be utilized on graduate classes.

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The previous twenty years have witnessed a revolution within the earth sciences. The quantitative, instrument-based measurements and actual types of. geophysics, including advances in expertise, have noticeably reworked the way the Earth, and particularly its crust, is defined. The research of the magnetism of the rocks of the Earth's crust has performed a massive half during this transformation.

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Take a watch-glass (or your watch itself will do; you only want something which shall have a round face); and now, if you place a piece of flat glass upon that, you have a very easily moved centre; and if I take this lath and put it on the flat glass (you see I am searching for the centre of gravity of this lath; I want to balance it upon the watch-glass), it is very easily moved round; and if I take this piece of sealing-wax and rub it against my coat, and then try whether it is attractive [holding it near the lath], you see how strong the attraction is; I can even draw it about.

Let us see whether I can succeed in lighting gas by touching the jet with my finger. ] You now see how it is that this power of electricity can be transferred from the matter in which it is generated, and conducted along wires and other bodies, and thus be made to serve new purposes, utterly unattainable by the powers we have spoken of on previous days; and you will not now be at a loss to bring this power of electricity into comparison with those which to we have previously examined, and to-morrow we shall be able to go farther into the consideration of these transferable powers.

Ah! the gas did not light, but you saw the spark; there is, perhaps, some draught in the room which blew the gas on one side, or else it would light; we will try this experiment afterward. You see from the spark that I can transfer the power from the machine to this cylinder, and then carry it away and give it to some other body. You know very well, as a matter of experiment, that we can transfer the power of heat from one thing to another; for if I pout my hand near the fire it becomes hot. I can show you this by placing before us this ball, which has just been brought red-hot from the fire.

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