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By Paul U. Unschuld, Hermann Tessenow

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A starting place of chinese language lifestyles sciences and drugs, the Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen is now on hand for the 1st time in a whole, totally annotated English translation. often referred to as Su Wen, or The Yellow Emperor’s internal vintage, this influential paintings got here into being over a protracted interval attaining from the 2d century bce to the eighth century ce. Combining the perspectives of alternative faculties, it is based completely on traditional legislation as conceptualized in yin/yang and 5 brokers doctrines to outline future health and affliction, and many times emphasizes own accountability for the size and caliber of one’s existence. This two-volume version contains excerpts from all of the significant commentaries at the Su Wen, and huge annotation drawn from enormous quantities of monographs and articles by means of chinese language and eastern authors produced over the last 1600 years and into the 20 th century.

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Tai su, ch. 2, “Shun yang”, 順陽, has 德, ‘virtue,’ instead of 得. The 50 Huang Di nei jing su wen Avoid cold and seek warmth and do not [allow sweat] to flow away through the skin. 32 This is correspondence with the qi of winter and it is the Way of nourishing storage. Opposing it harms the kidneys. 34 2-12-1 The qi of heaven is that which is clear and pure, lustrous and brilliant. 36 Ishimpo 醫心方 follows the wording in the Tai su. Hu Shu: “己 is 私. ” 32 Wang Bing: “ ‘To avoid cold and seek warmth’ is to say: one stays deep inside the house.

The fire wishes to leave, but the yin ties it down. Hence, there is heat. Metal and fire struggle with each other. ” 17 Shen Zumian: “The four characters 冬至重病 do not fit the meaning of the text preceding and following them. ” Tanba had expressed the same opinion. 20 The qi of the earth becomes bright. 24 18 Wang Bing: “In summer the myriad beings grow and blossoms as well as fruits have reached completion. ” Ma Shi: “The yin qi has started to rise already and the appearance of all beings is finally determined.

The Tai su has 晚, “late”, instead of 夜.  Wang Bing: “Warm qi generates life; cold qi disperses. ” 46 Huang Di nei jing su wen This is correspondence with the qi of spring and it is the Way to nourish life. Opposing it harms the liver. In summer, this causes changes to cold, and there is little to support growth. 10 The qi of heaven and earth interact and the myriad beings bloom and bear fruit. Go to rest late at night and rise early. 11 Let the mind have no anger. 12  Zhang Zhicong: “When the wood is harmed, it cannot produce fire.

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