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By Byron Davenport

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Horizontal drilling is a comparatively new method for oil and fuel drilling on land. This detailed publication bargains petroleum engineers complete remedy of horizontal drilling equipment, plus an updated evaluate of vertical drilling expertise. It covers every little thing from drilling contracts and good designs - to drilling gear, calculations, and trying out to the completing of a good and ultimate bureaucracy. integrated are targeted directions for dealing with every kind of average and emergency difficulties encountered in drilling and similar actions. there's assurance of plug and abandon tactics, blowout regulate, struggling with oil good fires, issues of safety for drilling and restoration, and instructions for dealing with unforeseen failures.

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He pays for the test as well as for the rig time used. Item 12-Difficult Formations: This section contains a list of difficult formations that may be encountered. You should read it carefully. In each case the risk and expense are shifted back to the operator by daywork rates. The consultant must stay extra alert during any of these conditions and should always seek special instructions from the operator. In certain cases, especially when granite or other igneous rock is struck, the operator may decide to drill no further and either to set casing or to abandon.

This, of course, could exceed 20,000 bbl in some fractures. Just divide the estimated barrels by the transport load capacity. (H) The oil-treating chemicals: After a kick has been encountered, the oil treaters will have to treat the oil before it can be sold. A barrel of treatment chemicals averages about $750 in 1991 prices. It is necessary to have the oil treated for market. Figure $3,000 to $4,000 per hole. (H) Guard services: A gate guard is needed when the operator begins horizontal drilling.

Drill rat hole, mouse hole, and start hole. 2. Rig up rig so flare line is downwind. Choose the prevailing wind, and set up location so the flare line is in a safe location. 40 Chapter Four 3. : 750 ft. Run survey every 250 ft. 4. 5 Ib per ft K-55 used casing (if used can be found) with guide shoe, insert, eight centralizers, and one cement basket. Run six centralizers every other collar, starting at the first collar on the bottom; then last three joints; then put one centralizer below the cement basket and one above.

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