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Least-squares- several can the runs background results a 5-sec the one in Table for to obtain and various presented fourth from The background and consec- days, in the final fourth obtained counts per Ten on different counts The gates. The 15 pulses no need is obtained are both. same in the the mean last least- half with results in Fig to the life of from the . 13. mal was the of the purity the lifetimes repetition procedure five final of the indicated in Table gate the widths. a background are s fit is applied.

__m~~~ and alpha-particle former, uncertain. on the as to the data In the background the Q the region. being has 4 Mev. Both in this curve electrons above -~~ the which in Channe ~--~--~~--- but normalized more lies --~ less are one finds collected with curve, data in scattering 3 Mev calculated and the collected and above The for accuracy Li8 data a similar behavior. function 6 Mev The of five, is favored over increased energy there and the indicates the Li8 lation other that of the hand, one transition to transition availab~e.

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