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By Jack Vance

A long way sooner or later, the craftsmen of the far-off planet Halma create items that are the beauty of the galaxy. yet they comprehend little of this. Their society is harshly regimented, its faith austere and unforgiving, and primitive -- to take care of criteria, even the main uncomplicated use of automation is punishable by means of demise. whilst Amiante, a wood-carver, is completed for processing outdated files with a digicam, his son Ghyl rebels, and makes a decision to carry down the approach. to take action, he needs to first interpret the tale of Emphyrio, an historical hero of Halman legend.

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Still, he realized that he himself was no doubt guilty of the typical human error of overvaluing what he liked and undervaluing what others liked. Talking with Gill was also limiting. Gill had formidable training in the sciences and knew a great deal about history and philosophy. This didn't give him judgment and compassion, however. For Gill, the proposition that the unexamined life was not worth living had no more relevance than e=mc 2. He wasn't equipped to examine the emotional dimension, though Stan thought he saw signs of promise.

It was Stan Myakov-sky, calling from the Dolomite's central control room. He wasn't far away, as distances go, but he could have been in another galaxy for all the good he could do her now. "Not yet," she answered. " Stan said. "I still think we should have, delayed this run. " Now was a hell of a time to tell her that. She decided to ignore it. Stan sounded agitated. Was he getting cold feet? Or was he just having an ordinary attack of nerves? She snapped on a tiny flashlight. Ahead of her, picked up in the thin beam, she could see more profound glooms, silent caves of blackness where awful things might lurk.

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