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Scholars have become intensely conscious of the problems surrounding the historical reliability of the biblical reports. Above alL however, the period is characterized by the attempt to reconstruct the history of the formation of the biblical books. Accordingly, the following survey will concentrate on various views concerning the literary process whereby the books of Kings attained their present fornl. ) and that of the compiler-editor. (2) Kings underwent deuteronom1stic editing, as the recurring linguistic and thematic affinities with Deuteronomy indicate.

For Benzinger, 1's strand continues down to Hezekiah, while E's extends to 10siah's reform. But according to Holscher, 1 reaches no further than the breakup of the uniLed monarchy, whereas E has its conclusion in 2 Kgs 25:30 and so is to be dated to the exile. R. SfvIEND, Sr. ) and Eissfeldt (1934) both thought in terms, rather, of three sources they designated respectively as J, J2, and E; and L (the "lay source"), 1, and E as the componenL strands in the pre-deuteronomistic historical book that encompassed Genesis-Kings.

With WUrthwein, Noth's single exilic deuteronomistic editor becomes a whole series of exilic/postexilic deuteronomists. c. A pree:cilic dellter01lo11listic redactor. The next group of scholars agree with Noth that the first, major, encompassing redactional activity that gave us a book of Kings was deuteronomisLic. They diverge from him (as well as from the authors cited in sec. b above) on the question of whether that activity started only during the exile (with Noth they admit a deuteronomistic exilic redaction).

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