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By Jorge Ize

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This paintings is dedicated to a close research of the equivariant measure and its functions for the case of an $S^1$-action. This measure is part of the equivariant homotopy team of spheres, that are computed in a step by step extension method. functions contain the index of an remoted orbit, branching and Hopf bifurcation, and interval doubling and symmetry breaking for structures of self sufficient differential equations. The authors have paid distinctive recognition to creating the textual content as self-contained as attainable, in order that the one heritage required is a few familiarity with the elemental rules of homotopy conception and of Floquet idea in differential equations. Illustrating in a usual approach the interaction among topology and research, this e-book may be of curiosity to researchers and graduate scholars.

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Since dim dCr = k + l + 2m — r < I + 2n, one obtains a continuous extension to CV, which will be reproduced by 7 to the other one-dimensional images of A r . 1, Cr doesn't contain any other image of ( 0 , . . ,0). For

o £ A r . For v-\ G [0,27r/ r _x// r _2] one has a problem as above, hence one gets a continuous extension (there is no problem of compatibility from the uniqueness in the Fundamental Cell Lemma: no points in this set (except <^r_i = 27r/ r _x// r _2) come from A r ) .

Ii) In order to compute the Extension degree of the map / , with / for K > H and dim^ V = dim^ W S -extendable + 1, it is enough to find a S -extension which is non-zero for zp = 0, on the walls of A and on B . Then deg^(f) is the degree of this map on the set {0 < t < 1, |iol < R, \z\

R . Thus l\ = m\,lr 3 such that ^2aqJrrt(i 1 = ms. Let aqj be ~ h' 7) For I > 1, consider the map: (-l)kdFH, = (1,0,0) + ^ ( i ) { ( - 2 h | / i i , 2 M • • • \zr\t - ( W " \ xQ, \dz\*, 4 ^ W r a 2 / ' 2 * ? ,0)}, where <£>(£) = 4t(l — t) and £j will be given below. The zeros of this map are for XQ — 0, A «= 0,y>(t)|zi| = 72/2 (thus one cannot have any \e2\l^mi/(R/2)m2/mi of the ZJ = 0, j = 1 , . . , r , considering the second component), \z2\ = = \m\, \zj\ = \rijl j = 2 , . . , r , 2 r + i = 0 , ; = 1 , .

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