D. M. J. S. Bowman's Australian rainforests: islands of green in a land of fire PDF

By D. M. J. S. Bowman

ISBN-10: 0521465680

ISBN-13: 9780521465687

Why do Australian rainforests take place as islands in the significant tracts of Eucalyptus? Why is hearth a serious ecological consider each Australian panorama? What have been the implications of using hearth by way of the Ice Age colonists? during this unique and demanding publication, David Bowman seriously examines all hypotheses which were complex to respond to those questions. He demonstrates that fireplace is the main serious think about controlling the distribution of rainforest all through Australia. additionally, whereas Aboriginal humans used hearth to skillfully deal with and shield habitats, he concludes that they didn't considerably effect the evolution of Australia's specific wildlife. This quantity, the 1st finished evaluation of the various literature in this subject, solves the puzzle of the archipelago of rainforest habitats in Australia. it truly is crucial analyzing for all ecologists, foresters, conservation biologists, and others drawn to the biogeography and ecology of Australian rainforests.

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Other theories are explicit and typically have championed the primacy of single environmental contingencies such as Wre history, environmental changes, soil fertility, or water stress. Some theories are so broad in scope that they cover all bases by acknowledging the importance of many factors and their complex interactions. Clearly, the various theories are competing for the same intellectual space. The aim of this book is to subject them to critical analysis to determine if there is a general explanation for the continentwide fragmentary distribution of Australian rainforest.

In addition to this ecological deWnition, they recognised that many rainforest species are representatives of a presumed relictual Xora (Nelson 1981). They used an arbitrary canopy height cut-oV of 8 m to diVerentiate their rainforest community from alpine vegetation. 45 Consequences of definitional problems New South Wales Floyd (1990) essentially deWned rainforest by following Baur (1965) but chose to emphasise the importance of canopy cover, and the role of Wre in regeneration. He deWned rainforest in New South Wales as being ‘a closed canopy of trees – more than 70% foliage projection of the tallest stratum – which are mainly humidity-dependent, particularly in the early stages of their life cycles, usually with more than one tree layer and with characteristic vines and epiphytes.

Tolerance of bushWres, and hard-textured narrow leaves that expose a minimum area to direct sunlight. g. Ashton 1981b). Webb (1959) provided the following general description of rainforest as being a Xoristically complex closed forest with closely spaced trees arranged in several strata and containing a prominence of specialised life forms such as epiphytes and lianes, and absences of annual herbs. However, he recognised that there was enormous variation in the life form spectra and physiognomy of rainforest (Webb 1959, 1968, 1978).

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