Download e-book for iPad: Apache Server Unleashed by Richard Bowen, Matthew Marlowe, Ken Coar

By Richard Bowen, Matthew Marlowe, Ken Coar

ISBN-10: 0672318083

ISBN-13: 9780672318085

ISBN-10: 0768656737

ISBN-13: 9780768656732

This e-book has been more often than not important. it really is good written, seems to be exact, covers many themes, and is definitely listed. It doesn't have the extent of aspect that, say, a very good O'Reilly ebook has, yet i feel it occurs to be pretty much as good as (or perhaps a marginally higher than) the O'Reilly e-book in this topic.

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The endorsement and financial support of the world’s largest software company told other companies that the Open Source movement was not just a bunch of long-haired rebels intent on undermining the commercial software industry, but that it was a proven method of producing quality products. Before the IBM deal, there had been a number of attempts to make Apache work on Windows, but there were some substantial technical difficulties and very few skilled Windows programmers interested in the project.

Although the demise of the NCSA HTTPd project left developers with a product that didn’t work very well at the time and no one to complain to, a far superior product resulted in the long run. Who’s Responsible? In February 1995, Brian Behlendorf and Cliff Skolnick put together a mailing list, got some space on a machine, and got bandwidth donated by HotWired. Brian set up a CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) tree, so that anyone who wanted to could contribute new 1 APACHE’S HISTORY AND LORE The Web is still a very young phenomenon.

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Apache Server Unleashed by Richard Bowen, Matthew Marlowe, Ken Coar

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