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Xhtml"> So I added a title! And here is a header!! Believe it or not, here is going to be my navigation!

This template client takes advantage of all the areas in the template that were defined as replaceable. xhtml because it is defined in the template if no other input is provided by the template client. We did the same for the navigation area. Finally, we profited from the free, Facelet-untagged area that is passed to the template—where anything whatsoever found in the template client is instanced.

Many deficiencies have been removed by Facelets; a few still remain, as outlined above, but with proper care they can be avoided. Let us briefly look at some other aspects related to JSF project life with Facelets. Experiencing Facelets in real life projects There are a few further observations that are interesting throughout the usage of Facelets in JSF projects. While the templating aspects are all very transparent, the composition components have a potential trickiness that comes across with the application of the various Facelets tags.

Xhtml Additionally, we indicate another composition component called paramBuilder that which we use to decorate fieldSelect in order to preprocess parameters passed to fieldSelect or other components. We will take a look at that in the following section. The XML structure is comprised of a container called facelet-taglib with a single namespace child and a series of tag children containers. Each tag's child container is made up of a tag-name child and a source child.

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Apache Myfaces Trinidad 1.2 A Practical Guide (November

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