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Discover ways to be a good method administrator for a number of AIX structures. organize for the IBM eServer qualified expert - pSeries management and help for AIX 5L V5.2 certification attempt. find out how to set up, customise, and deal with universal AIX process management projects utilizing the AIX 5L model 5.3 working procedure in a multiuser setting. examine the elemental instructions and abilities for administering the AIX 5L model 5.2 working structures also.After this direction, you need to whole: * AIX 5L procedure management II: challenge choice (Q1316) for additional information approximately extra education classes, see the AIX pSeries path roadmaps.

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View the WebSM window that displays the current system date and time. • • • • Double-click System Environment Double-click Settings Double-click Date and Time View the Date and Time and then click the Time Zone option. Since you are not the root user, you will not be able to make any changes. • When done, close both the Date and Time window and the System Environment window. __ 5. Close the WebSM Launch Pad window and logout of the system. • Close the WebSM by clicking the upper left of the title bar and then clicking Exit on the pull-down menu.

__ 3. Next we need to install the Infocenter Center and the desired documentation. 3 Documentation CD. images. Use SMIT to install the filesets: AIX System Management Guides AIX System User Guides AIX Information Center runtime Note: To avoid a very lengthy install and configuration time during this lab, do NOT install any other documentation packages at this time. Later (during a break, lunch, or overnight) you may wish to install the rest of the documentation. When this task has successfully completed, return to the AIX command line.

When the Information Center for AIX home page appears, open the AIX Information link in the Contents panel. The link should expand and the main panel on the right should change to the AIX Information panel. __ 12. In the Contents panel, click on the twisty next to System User’s Guides. This will expand the list to show the various manuals in this category. Click the twisty next to System User Guide: Operating System and Devices. This will expand the list to show the chapters in that manual. Click the twisty next to File Systems and directories.

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